We know that highways, national roads and regional network roads are key to a country's development and its population's well-being. When they’re done right, free flowing and connected roads make a region attractive for investments.


Roads are the backbone of our transport system, accounting for 90% of passenger journeys and almost 70% of freight. In the UK the highway asset is valued at over £800bn, making it our Government's most valuable asset. Our Government is committed to investing in this asset through Highways England and Local Authority budgets.


With its most advanced systems and material solutions and in-depth technical expertise delivered through early contract involvement, we value engineer the right solution to every project.

Customised solutions

Each road project is completely unique in terms of technical solutions, operational logistics, public acceptance and investment schemes, from Strategic road network and major roads and local authority to private unadopted roads.

We’re proud to be your go-to partner from the design phase of your road project. With our industry background, proven technical abilities and design expertise, we play a part in the success of large-scale road project operations, making them simpler and more efficient in collaboration with contractors.

Value added expertise 

Our pavement design and material experts will help you assess the right solution in terms of cost and service delivery for all project needs. We cover soil stabilisation and remediation as well as efficient maintenance solutions for highly trafficked roads.

We also provide an integrated offer for road projects, which is made up of a complete range of products and services, pavement design expertise, best-in-class site supply management, and expertise in project management for certainty in major projects.

We’re committed to the success of your worksite in terms of safety, ethics and social responsibility. We want you to know that you can trust our safety, ethics, and sustainable development approach as the new leader in the building materials industry.

Unique solutions portfolio

Unique solutions portfolio

We have a complex portfolio which covers bound and unbound aggregates layers, soil stabilisation solutions, concrete pavements, asphalt formulations, cement-treated base or roller-compacted concrete and fast-setting concrete for urban pavements.




Our service divisions - Contracting, SiteBatch Technologies, Spadeoak, CPD (Continual Professional Development) - are here to support you in implementing your most challenging projects.



We provide tailor made solutions including ex-situ recycling, data capture, cement, soil stabilisation, single layer, cementitious binders, low temperature asphalt, cycle segregation systems, flag, block, kerb and SuDS solutions and precast concrete motorway barriers.