At Aggregate Industries, we help you build efficient, durable, and aesthetic transport infrastructure for goods, people and data. We work with you from the design phase forward, matching our innovative materials to your needs and giving you guaranteed reliability from the new leader in the building materials industry.





We have solutions for the rail, tunnel, aviation and port sectors to help you build efficient, durable and aesthetically appealing transport infrastructure. Our portfolio includes innovative solutions that are targeted at all transport sectors.

Our solutions

  • Recycling and logistics for excavation materials
  • Multi-product and service innovations
  • Rail and water logistic solutions capable of handling large volumes of material sustainably
  • Onsite production capacity
  • Project management approach??

Flood prevention

We come up with total solutions for coastal sea and river embankment erosion protection and the sustainable management of water in both commercial and domestic environments. We also offer complete solutions for both flood defence and prevention, including total Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) solutions.

Our solutions

  • Permeable block paving, asphalt and ready-mixed concrete
  • Graded aggregates providing required technical performance and voids
  • Rock armour for coastal and embankment erosion protection
  • Logistics.

Public landscaping

We devise solutions for creating beautiful landscapes that enrich our built environment and daily lives. From furnishing education facilities and retail parks, to housing estates and public realm, we offer an array of aesthetic and innovative products for all environments.

Our solutions

  • Flag and block paving
  • Kerbs and accessories
  • Drainage channels and SuDS solutions
  • Natural stone and concrete materials.

Sports and leisure


Concert venues, theatres and stadiums can shape our cities and towns and increase the revenue of many businesses, including municipalities, sports clubs and associations, or private foundations. Aggregate Industries are the right partner to build beautiful, landmark facilities and sports arenas supported by our innovative best-in-class cement, concrete and aggregate offerings.

Our solutions

  • Natural sports turf projects
  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian arenas
  • Paving solutions.